Sunday, January 28, 2007

My hands are where you can see them, and I am not going bald!

O'sure everyone loves the commercial that sings "hands in your pocket, hands in your pocket". Well, not me: I hate it.

As you probably know, each version of this commercial features scene after scene of a '50+-white male-suit wearing-balding-banker' who cannot remove their hands from peoples back pockets. I get it: all banks can be represented by image of a '50+-white male-suit wearing-balding-banker' and we should all see them as evil – they will steal from the rich, poor, young and old, and even your children if they can because they have no soul. Many of my friends and family have told me that they find this commercial so funny - I guess they must have seen the look on my face before they made the link: this will be you someday - ha ha ha. Not funny (me, a.k.a a central banker, and therefore a soon to be '50+-white-male-suit wearing-balding-banker' – too close to home).

Please consider this my formal request for this commercial to be taken off the air and destroyed because it promotes anger towards bankers. Furthermore, because it suggests that if we see a ‘50+-suit wearing-balding-white male’ that he will most likely try to put his hands in your pockets to steal your money. If we don't stop playing this commercial young children will someday be throwing stones at me.

Also, please consider this more formal request to never go bald.

Post-script: For a funnier take on this commercial: Come back to Halifax Rick, we miss you.


Matthew said...

I thought you are already going bald :-P

Gand said...

I'll second that request to not go bald... although I think it's too late already...