Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Bloomberg and me

Mainstream economics news!
I find myself always going to Bloomberg for the latest world news. They provide market analysis and consensus forecasts on just about everything within the global economy and ... oil prices! I (way to many times a day) load this page and review the latest oil price movements. You have to understand: price movements are exciting. So, a price that no one can predict and everyone is affected is super exciting!!

The latest: the U.S. Federal Reserve announced they are holding their policy rate still ... and it seems like Bloomberg and several other analysts have focused in on what they 'didn't say'. Here is the headline: Fed Keeps Rate at 5.25%, Drops Reference to `Firming'".
Here is a link to the article.
Oil prices are currently at $60.07US ($/bbl WTI)

Just thought that I would share this golden nugget with you ... see for yourself.


Francis Wooby said...

Dear Meandering Economics Guy,

You need to get out more.

Yours truly,

Canadian Economist said...

Dear Francis,

In response to you comment, I left town for the weekend, spent $30000, lost my wife and got fired from my job.

I hope my next posting is more interesting to you.