Sunday, June 10, 2007

Where to eat in Halifax!

The Canadian Economics Association conference was in Halifax (at Dalhousie) a couple of weeks ago. I send the following email to a few fellow modellers, and I thought I would also share it with you (to get me back on the blogging bandwagon). Please note the Tom's Little Havana did not make the list of places to visit because of limited seating or maybe because I wanted to keep it for myself (unless you know it is there you might never find it).

Here is a short list of my favourite places in Halifax. I hope it is helpful to all future visitors to the city.
Doing something at Dalhousie? Here are two places near campus:
Saege has won The Coast's (the weekly what-where of Halifax) award for the best new restaurant and is labelled "Where to Eat in Canada". I suggest that you book in advance. It is about 10 mins on foot from campus, but worth the hustle (5883 Spring Garden Road , 429-1882).

A distant second is the Coburg Coffee House: if a hummus and cucumber bagel and a free trade coffee is your taste, this is your best choice for lunch near campus (6085 Coburg Rd, 429-2326).
Every where else on my list is downtown (about a 20 mins walk from Dalhousie Campus). All of these places also serve dinner and lunch.

Three choices in the medium-end price range:
(1) I am a fan of Greek food and, in Halifax, OPA is the place. Reserve in advance; try the lamb and the taramasalata. (1565 Argyle St, 492-7999)
(2) The Wooden Monkey: this restaurant is a local gem. The food is top of the line; all organic; the wooden tables are from fallen trees in Point Pleasant Park <>; they make a special effort to source locally. Also, it's a little hip. (1685 Argyle St, 444-3844)
(3) Sweat Basel is a little more costly; a little fancy; well worth it. It offers some unique dishes in a variety of tastes. If you go here, plan to have dessert (locally made by the people that made my wedding cake). (1866 Upper Water St., 425-2133 )

Here are a few places that I have gone for dinner, and stayed all night. All of these places: (i) are located downtown; (ii) serve great beer; (iii) serve good food; and (iv) are my favourite places to go on a Friday or Saturday night. You may want to visit them all, or stay one place for a whole evening discussing price-level targeting.
The Henry House: An old style pub. Go downstairs for even more atmosphere (I love old stone); and yes: order the Ringwood (brewed on location). On a quiet night, I can play darts here: sadly, it is often too full to play. (1222 Barrington Street, 423-5660)
The Old Triangle: my favourite bar in Halifax . Why? The Belfast Burger; it's an Irish pub (they pour a mean Guinness); and it's the best place to hear Nova Scotian music. This place is busy; sometimes standing room only. (5136 Prince St., 492-4900)
The Economy Shoe Shop: the atmosphere is artsy; cool; relaxed. When Sean Penn comes to down, this is where he goes (if you like nachos late on a Saturday night: this is the place). (1661-1663 Argyle St, 423-7463)

I would recommend also consulting the list provided here It provides a nice selection of places.


MadJenny said...

Oh! You're making me all gooey and nostalgic for foody Halifaxian glory.

Does Coburg Coffee still have the amazing soft tasty muffins? Are the tables all still wobbly?

I liked Sweet Basil too, I went there a couple times. They had this amazing dessert that was 3 little creme brulees in different flavours on a plate. Awesome!

I always liked the maziness of the Economy Shoe Shop.

And, I think you're right to keep Tom's Little Havana a secret. It is too charming to be ruined by the masses.

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Thanks mate... just dropped by. Will look for BIKE STN when we get to Seattle. Still in Buenos Airies.

Stacey Beck said...

Thanks for all the advice. We're visiting my in-laws and I would love to take them to a restaurant in Halifax one night, I just need a good recommendation. Thanks for sharing!