Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Currently spinning: two new discs

Before a long road trip I try to purchase two new CDs for the voyage (usually a 4000km round trip from Halifax to Orillia). Let me be clear: I don't play them non-stop, I still find time to a play the classics (Beastie Boys, Van Morrison, Joni Mitchell, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Dave Matthews, Guns and Roses, Cold Play, Lauren Hill, U2, Pearl Jam, Nirvana). If you are still reading this blog (I think I lost of readers with Lauren Hill), let me tell you about the two great Canadian discs I played more than once over the last two weeks.

Finger Eleven: Them VS You VS Me
I was first exposed to this band when they were the Rainbow Buttmonkeys (back in 199-something). I first heard their hit single "Paralyzer" on the radio, but it did not really spark my interest until the CBC did one of their classic photo montages to the song in the NHL finals. True story (even now: when I hear the song, I get crazy flashes of a very intense Danny Alfredsson). The CD reminds me a little of Moist (mostly the Silver album). I enjoyed the disc, although I am not sure if it will make the high rotation list with Lauren. Finger Eleven are currently touring with Puddle of Mudd and Nickelback. I rate this disc as: enjoyable. You can listen to them here (click AUDIO).

Joel Plaskett Emergency: Ashtray Rock
Before I purchased this CD, I gave it a listen in mall. It took only 30 seconds for me to vote "Yes"! Why? Well ... how I can explain it? This album stirs a Barenaked- Ladies-type-of-excitement in me: but a hipper, cooler, fucky kind of fun. The disc tells a single story: but each song stands alone. The lyrics are unexpected (atypical; surprising), as is the flow of each song. Some of my favorite lines: "I feel foolish. I want to drink too much. Your Polish, with a wicked sense of humour" (song; Fashionable). How could you not love it? Taken from JPE website, here is a clip for the Toronto Star: "As evidence, there’s the narrative that runs through Ashtray Rock, a set of quirky, guitar-driven songs, produced by Toronto roots-rock icon Gordie Johnson, that’s being touted (not by Plaskett, mind you) as a concept, an oeuvre, an opus of import. If you listen with the right pair of ears you can discern a disconnected yarn about a band – maybe Plaskett’s first ensemble, Thrush Hermit? – wrought asunder by lust, betrayal and jealousy. The old love-triangle gambit.

“There is a story in there seen from three different perspectives,” Plaskett said. “But it’s not a detailed narrative, and not all the songs were written to fulfill the concept. Some go back to my teens, to 1992, ‘84, ‘98 … way at the bottom of my old song bag. I was trying to channel the sensation of playing music with my friends when I was young, and how fragile and exciting it was … but I don’t really know if any of that’s apparent to the listener. It doesn’t have to be … the songs stand by themselves."

I see: Joel, your a genius! Enough said. You can listen to a few tracks on the JPE website.


Anonymous said...

I agree that the Joel Plaskett CD is really good. Please do not play it anymore. I am singing the song at work and I may get shuuuushed..(I work in a Library) Is anyone going to the Joel Plaskett concert on Friday in Dartmouth?

Canadian Economist said...

I am going on Friday to see JPE! Rain or shine!

I forgot to mention: I am going on another round trip soon. Does anyone have any CD ideas?

Gand said...

Hey - totally didn't know Thrush Hermit was Finger Eleven. What a tiny and bizarre world this is!

Anyway, for music for the road may I suggest Harry Manx's 'Road Ragas', one of my new personal favourites - speaking of Van Morrison, Manx does one of the most beautiful covers of 'Crazy Love' that I've ever heard (though it's not on that album).

My imagination's broke for thinking of more CDs right now, but we'll see...