Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Save your senior from bank fees!

If you have a senior (60 yrs +) in your life, sit them down with a cup of tea and broach the bank fee topic.

Gee I love the CBC radio (I really need to listen more). I was tuned in tonight to hear the story of how Jim Halstrum, 72, received a refund for 12 years of bank fees. As the story goes, Jim's teller told him he should not of been paying back fees since he was 60! And then, Jim was on a mission for all Canadian seniors!

Jim, after refusing to take a mere 3 months refund, called the bank's ombudsman - all banks have one to oversee customer concerns -, and got back $1100. Jim did not stop there: he found out that his wife had paid bank fees from age 60 to 65: Jim got her a refund! Way to go Jim! Did I mention that Jim is from Montague PEI? (we could be related!)

So, if you want to give an early Christmas gift to that special senior in your life: talk to them about Bank fees.

I think that if enough people start calling the Ombudsman's office, they will refund all seniors without them even asking!

A link to the CBC web story: Here .

The Canadian Banker's Association website
on how to deal with your bank:
The TD Canada Trust Ombudsman
The Royal Bank Ombudsman
CIBC "Keep you a Customer Line"
ScotiaBank Complaint Website
BMO's Ombudsmand is a Senior Too!



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