Thursday, November 15, 2007

Halifax will never be the same ...

You may be interested to know:
(1) There are no longer free peanuts at Maxwell's Plum.

(2) The Mediterraneo (Barrington Street) has closed.

(3)"After four years in the works, a new sewage treatment plant in Halifax is finally running ... Though the project has to pass a 30-day test period, regional council celebrated Tuesday night ... The Harbour Solutions project was implemented to stop more than 180 million litres of untreated sewage and storm wastewater from flowing into Halifax Harbour every day." (credits to the CBC).

I have been told that the harbour will smell better in less than a week and that Councilor Linda Mosher is planning to swim in the harbour next summer. And no I will not be joining her. (Note: The Dartmouth treatment plant begins operating next spring and the plant in Herring Cove is expect to be ready later in 2008).


Want more information on the Halifax Habour clean-up? A history lesson, factoids and what "stage 1" really means, you can read The Coast (click here) or something produced by HRM (click here) .


MadJenny said...

Oh! That's awesome about the sewage situation. It was shameful that that much raw waste was being dumped in there every day.

Sad to hear about the Mediterraneo though. They had awesome breakfasts.

Francis Wooby said...

That's unfortunate about the Med closing.

As for patrons no longer being able to drink amongst peanut refuse at Maxwell's, and the city finally ending the dumping of raw sewage into the harbour: Welcome to 20th Century civilization! (Yes, I know we're in the 21st--that's my point!)

Canadian Economist said...

I always wonder why? After 35 years in business, was it just time to retire (no one to take the family business) or did people stop buying bacon and eggs (prices too high)? I guess I will never know.

In the last year, Sam's, Dooley's and now the Med have all closed on Barrington Street. I wonder what will take their place. Any suggestions for the Halifax Business Community?