Thursday, July 10, 2008

Attention Zoom Airlines: Replace your calculator!

For the second time in three years, I selected Zoom Airlines to get me and my wife to Paris. If you booking in advance, the trip from Toronto or Montreal is fairly cheap (even in today's high oil price environment) - including the extra trip from Halifax, they had the best price. I think this discount airline has great service; however, thier in flight service pricing makes me scream!

Let me explain: The announcement comes over the speaking on the flight: "You can purchase a headset for $6CND or 4€". This is fine; since the current exchange rate is somewhere near $1.60 per euro, it is cheaper to pay in Canadian Dollars. And then it happened: "You can also purchase a blanket for $5 or 4 €". WHAT? How does this make any sense? And they said it like it was no big deal. I was floored. They go to all this effort to round to the number 4,5, and 6, but then use two different implided exchange rates?

Dear Zoom Airlines: Please choose an single exchange rate for inflight service. As far as I am concerned, exchange rates are not item specific!

Canadian Economist.

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