Monday, July 7, 2008

Top 25 Emerging Artist: Works by Emily are on display in Toronto

Art work from an emerging young artist are similar to an undervalued stock: buy it and hold. The benefit on holding art in your portfolio is that it also gives a visually based utility. Here is how to have a look into 25 Canadian emerging artists.

This year, Fido and the historic Distillery District in Toronto are getting together to celebrate and support a shared commitment to arts and culture (some details here . This partnership comes in the form of the largest outdoor projector screen in Toronto. The projector is located in the Distillery District’s Pure Spirits Patio (also known as the Fido Spot).

After having carefully reviewed numerous excellent submissions, several of Emily's paintings were selected to be part of the slideshow that will run daily at the Distillery District during the month of July. The entire slideshow will be comprised of pieces from only 25 artists. Congratulations Emily!

I understand that Emily's work is being shown at:
Pure Spirits Oyster House and Grill Patio
Distillery District
55 Mill Street

Emily's work can be view on this "a work in progress" blog .

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