Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tagged, pinned, and forced to confess.

The well regarded McWooby has tagged me. I was shocked, because asking me to share five things that people don't know about me is hard (I don't really have a overwhelming sense of privacy - I'm a blabbermouth). Let me try:

1.) Most people know that I cheer for the Leafs, but they might not know that I now find the vast majority of memorabilia terribly tacky (no posters, bar chairs or stickers, please); on the other hand, no one has the right to sell or dispose of my McDonald's hockey card collection or my autographed Rick Vive picture.
2.) Although I have loved Tim's coffee for years, I have been switching to fair trade organic every chance I get. But I did have a Tim's today.
3.) I believe that there is a most efficient way to travel from A to B and that any conversation about how C is better is non-sense.
4.) I am rarely silent, and I avoid white noise.
5.) I am currently drinking some brandy, but just because I have some. I drank everything else in the house.

End of confession.


spudman said...

Given that Rick Vaive is a "Charlottetown boy", and a distant cousin via your Lot 16 antecedants, you can hang on to the picture.

Canadian Economist said...

Thanks for the comment spudman!