Monday, June 2, 2008

We can all swim in the Halifax Harbour!

Yes! This title is not an error. A study conducted by the CBC (see here ), proved that Halifax city council's prediction has come true. Well, at least I think.

According to the CBC, samples taken last Thursday from Black Rock Beach in Point Pleasant Park, the Dingle on the Northwest Arm, and Lions Park Beach in the Bedford Basin showed that bacteria levels (enterococci to be exact) were within acceptable levels according to Capital Health Environment Services Laboratory testing.

This finding is really surprising since the second plant on the Dartmouth will not be running for a few months, with a third treatment facility for Herring Cove will not be running until later this year.

Personally, I am not swimming until all three planets are up and running. Perhaps I will do the Polar Bear dig on New Year's Day - a tradition that was put on hold since 2000. Anyone else whan to join me? I am kind of excited.

Appendix: Taken from the CBC.
The safe level for swimming is 35 colonies per 100 millilitres. Anything below that is safe.
- The Dingle - less than 10.
- Black Rock Beach - less than 10.
- Lions Park Beach - less than 10.


Matthew said...

It's enterococci,

Yours Truly,

The Spelling Police.

Canadian Economist said...

Thank you Spelling Police. Check!

MadJenny said...

That's amazing news!
I can't believe it. I will totally swim in Halifax harbour next time I visit the city! That's awesome.

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