Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The tables have been turned

Now that all of students' marks have been finalized, I got my grade yesterday. It was not a review from the department chair, but rather from my students. The university asks students to fill out a standardized survey to provide feedback to faculty in conjunction with written comments. So, how did I do and what did I learn?

How did I do?
Find those alphabet letters (or other childhood fridge magnets) and post it on the fridge, I got a "G" or a "E" (a good to excellent rating). Yes! Better than expected. Out of the eight categories, I received an good to excellent rating, and matching most of the department mean scores. Yes, this was a pleasant surprise and, needless to say, much better than my first review. The best result, both in terms of above the department average and giving me the warm fuzzies, was students' response to: "The instructor showed genuine concern for students." = 70% of respondents said excellent.

What did I learn?

The lowest category was "The instructor was fair and reasonable in evaluating and marking student work". Now this seems somewhat in contrast to the above listed result, but it does suggest that I need to do a better job communicating my strategy. But wait! I have already told you about my complex insensitive structure ... (see earlier post). On second thought, this was done by students before they received their final marks, and I always wait to the end to adjust my grades (if required). Over the next few months I will find time to review my comments and these scores to improve my teaching. My next class starts in January 2009 (it will be here before we know it!).

Appendix: www.ratemyprofessor.com
I have been notified that I now appear on this infamous website ...

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You get good ratings on said infamous site too! Check you! That's fabulous!