Saturday, February 3, 2007

Music and Me: Currently spinning

Looking at another person's music collection is like going through their closet: the good, bad and the 80s. Here are a few items in my rotation.

Current buzz: on the top left of this page are three music links. Each one is unique and special. City and Colour provides clarity. There is just something about Dallas Green dat I like. You might know their hit "Save your Scissors".

Link #2: Joel Plaskett : locally grown and certified organic. Last summer Joel and the band put on an outdoor show in downtown Halifax. It was me, the big clock tower, and a few thousand people - a great time.

My newest favorite: The Reverb Syndicate's homepage provides everything: solid music, mystery and a great video . Personally, I can't stop watching it. No, really. I have made Tasya watch it 23 time this morning. If that was not enough, one of the band members is an economist. Great eh?

So tell me: what is in your closet? Give me the goods, all the dark secrets. Well the 80s was not that bad, we will always have Paul Revere , right guys?


Matthew said...

The link that reads Great Video has two unnecessary periods in it so the link doesn't work.

Emily said...

I like Dallas Green, but you have to really like their music to take the whole cd. They definitly have the same kind of sound for each song. On a side note: at this moment i think that they are equally good to neverending white lights. They have a new song-age of consent. Its good. Check it out :)
Oh! also, not to knock the 80s, but the 90s were the peak and im not just saying that because i was barely around for the 80s haha

Canadian Economist said...

Matthew: thanks for the note: link now working. Now, what about the music? Come on Matthew, I know your favorite band is still Men without Hats !.

Emily: What do to mean the 90s was the peak? I still listen to MC Hammer and Colour Me Badd , doesn't everyone?

Francis Wooby said...

I don't listen to anything made after 1990.

Gand said...

My favourite album to date (apart from the rather more recent Bela Fleck albums I'm gathering unto me) is from 1976: 'Jaco Pastorius,' the great fretless bass player's self-titled solo album. This thing is a musical odyssey; complete with MOOG synths and all sorts of funk/fusion craziness.

There we are. Waxing finit.