Thursday, February 8, 2007

six dirty secrets or one naked economist

MadJennyFlint has throwin' down the gauntlet: asking the world of bloggers (or at least her readers) to list the top six weird or otherwise unknown things about themselves. MadJennyFlint, why have you done this to the world? Don't you think that things that happen in private, in the past or in a bar bathroom should stay there? Ok, well I will use my poor sense of discretion ...

In no particular order:
If I was left to my own devices, I might: only wear black t-shirts and jeans, eat mostly meat, never shave. Lucky for for me, peer pressure and being too lazy to cook all my own meals have kept me looking respectable (or at least most of the time). O'ya, the fear of a full fledged Tasya revolt will also keep all three things under raps. I am counting these as "things people did not know" 1 through 3.

4.) Age: 10 - paperboy (with my mom and my brother, if that counts). Age: 11 - dishwasher at a nearby restaurant. My parents could not stop me; I was driven; driven to buy hockey cards and candy.

5.) Hair, really long hair (Age: 15-19).

6.) 8 yrs old. The Beastie Boys: Paul Revere, all three parts. Blue TML jogging suit. On stage in front of 400 elementary school kids. Enough said.
(ok, everyone knows I did that ... right?)

End transmission.


MadJenny said...

Awesome! I totally forgot about your long hair. Well done!

Canadian Economist said...

Thanks madjenny! I knew you would approve. long hair: surprising to some.