Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Who wants to live to 100?

Maybe the title of this post should be 'I want to live a long life'. Don't worry, I wont spin you an economic tale about the benefits to passing the century mark, but how long we are going to live will affect the choices we make today; consume today or save for tomorrow. But all financial planning aside (even though it is RRSP season ), eating your greens (ho ho Green Giant) could make you more productive and maybe even happier.

After searching the web, here is the best life expectancy calculator I could find. It is not perfect, but it will give you feedback on how to improve your chances. Here is an example: "Increasing your exercise regimen to 4 days a week could add a year and a half, to 5 days a week could add 3 years, to 6 or 7 days a week could add 5 years to your life expectancy".

So, take it for what it is worth - an American doctor's website. Enough said.

Feel free to share your results, impressions or objections.
I got 84 years and Tasya 86 - Gee I hope we can do better than that ... has anyone seen my track pants? Those are back in style, right?


MadJenny said...

Hmm. I got 89. I also need to exercise more, and also have a medical. That's an interesting test.

Emily said...

I got 86. More working out, less stressing out over my crazy students and their ridiculous "the dog ate my e-mail attachment" excuses. Very interesting though!

Emily said...

What is this! argh. So..Yeah, i took the test..turns out, because of my allergies..I already lost 2 years of my life because i cant take a dose of asprin a day. What a crock. hahaha. :P

Canadian Economist said...

jenny, ES and ED: congratulations on your long life expectancy!

Madjenny: so far you are winning the contest. Best of luck finding a doctor!

ES: I know the feeling. I had 5 students so far ask to change their exam - only one with for a valid reason. I check my tires after every class.

ED: sorry about the allergies. Not to worry - you got me lookin' out for ya kid, an' when I be in your corner, ain't nothin' goin' happen.

Francis Wooby said...
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Francis Wooby said...

Increase my exercise routine up to six or seven days a week and all I get is a lousy five extra years? What kind of #@%& is that?! No deal!

NADIA said...

87 not that bad I guess .... must floss daily ( not just when I feel like it) I suppose its worth an extra year !!

Clare said...

Wow, I got 94! Good on me :-) But I could improve by exercising more (7 days a week, yeah right!) and working less (apparently a 60 hour work week isn't good for you).

Canadian Economist said...

I am not sure how working out seven times a week is good for anyone. At least not for me. I would have to give up sleep or blogging, I am NOT doing that!

Francis: funny.

Who else thinks that Clare total cheated?